Pixlr Photoshop Project Week Two

superman complete
Created by me via Pixlr

Over this second week our group was unable to successfully download Adobe Photoshop. However, we were fortunate enough to come across a second free software called Pixlr which we have used to continue our project.


Over our first week using Pixlr Photo Editor, we experimented with it’s different features and completed our first  projects. For my first project using Pixlr, I took a picture of a football catch and photoshoped the receiver into superman catching a golden snitch.


This is the picture before I used Pixlr to edit it:

superman pt1
Created by me via Pixlr


superman pt2
Created by me via Pixlr

While trying to insert these two pictures properly into the photo, I had trouble cutting the background from the snitch. Luckily, a Pixlr tutorial website introduced me to the magic wand function. This function takes the main picture and cuts out the background so only the picture is showing. This helps make getting pictures from the internet and photoshoping them into another picture both easier and more effecient. After working with the magic wand function, I was finally able to successfully complete my first project.

Completed Project:

superman pt3
Created by me via Pixlr

Future Goals-

Over the next week, I will be looking to edit more photos using Pixlr. Our goal by the end of next week is to complete two medium sized projects, and to become very familiar with three more Pixlr editing functions like I did with the magic wand. By the end of the month, I hope to be very familiar with most if not all editing functions on Pixlr.


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